Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sunset in Laguna, Claire Marti

Sunset in Laguna, a contemporary romance by Claire Marti, released by the Wild Rose Press

.....Returning to Laguna Beach after four tours in the Middle East, Christian Wolfe leaves the military behind and buys a wine bar, vowing to keep his life simple. He fights to keep his devastating PTSD a secret and refuses to burden anyone else with his baggage. When stunning Kelly Prescott and her red stilettos saunter into town, she drives him past the bonds of his self-control.
Successful in her father’s stuffy law firm, Kelly’s too compassionate to survive in the cutthroat world of corporate litigation. Leaving behind both family and courtroom drama, she moves to Laguna to become general counsel for a nonprofit veterans’ organization.
She didn’t bargain on a gorgeous modern-day Heathcliff, and in Christian, she sees another kind of challenge—one she can’t resist.

Caution: Grab your favorite beverage, assume a comfortable position and settle in for the read of a lifetime. Once you start, you won't be able to put it down.

     Iraqi War veteran Christian Wolfe is trying his best to heal while suffering from violent panic attacks, crippling headaches and a boatload of survivor's guilt.
     Kelly Prescott has resigned a position in her father's high-pressure law firm rather than work with a dishonorable client who put profit above customers' well being and relocates to Laguna Beach when a veterans outreach center calls her name.
     Sparks fly the instant they meet but Post Traumatic Stress threatens to be the ruin of a beautiful romance. For poignant characters, emotional relationships and a darling therapy dog named Olive, do not pass on Sunset In Laguna. We didn't and we're better for it.

Out of 5 stars, this earns a 6

Kat Henry Doran, Wild Women Reviews

Sunday, August 19, 2018

UnBound by Kendra Greenwood

You’re not allowed to be a coward and be in love. You must choose one.

     Special Agent Laura Logan had a difficult childhood and that’s putting it mildly. Laura channeled her buried rage into her studies, earned a law degree and joined the FBI. As a member of the new human trafficking task force, Laura wants to impress and she wants to make the bad guys pay.
     Detective Lieutenant Steve Moretti moonlights at a very exclusive adult club, his reward is a free membership along with other perks. His family is pressuring him to find a nice woman and settle down, but that bridge was burned by his ex. His new view: Marriage is betting half your stuff that you’ll love someone forever.
     A kidnapping shocks Steve’s town and the FBI is called in. Steve and Laura meet at the crime scene, sparks fly, and they work the case together. As passion ignites, their no-love commandment is tested. Can they overcome the heartbreak of betrayal and learn to love before it’s too late? Are they so afraid they refuse to love at all?

UnBound, a contemporary romantic suspense, a June 2018 release out of Blushing Books.

Caution: steamy, adult sex scenes.

Wow. Wow. Wow.
       FBI agent Laura Logan meets local law enforcement officer Steve Moretti in the middle of a difficult case involving the abduction of 3 teenagers, and their nun caretaker. for purposes of sex trafficking. Through detailed and thorough police work, the case is solved in a quick, efficient manner; the victims are rescued, unharmed. Unfortunately one of the kidnappers eludes capture by local law enforcement and sets out to exact revenge on Laura.
       After the case is closed, Laura and Steve undertake a whirlwind romance which is incredibly hot and oh-so steamy, romantic and fulfilling. This is a terrific story of redemption and rebirth. If you like your suspense stories hot and steamy with well drawn characters, this is a book for you.

Out of 5 stars, Unbound earns a 5.

Kat Henry Doran, Wild Women Reviews

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Four by Moonlight

Four by Moonlight, a 2016 release by Class Act Books, by author Linda Nightingale, is an anthology of four novellas by an amazing author with a fluid writing style. The passages are imaginative and lush in the descriptions of persons, places and things.

Gypsy Ribbons, portrays a powerful, enduring love between the brigand Simon and Lady Victory “Tory” Darby. Heartbreaking in its intensity; driven to its sad end. A winner for sure.

In Star Angel, Lucy Spears, a lonely Idaho housewife, is tied to a man who is good but is not good for her. One night, a nameless man appears at her side and shows her what love can be in all its private intimacy, innately rich and desirable. One night only and he's gone. Will he return as Lucy wishes? Perhaps. . .

New Orleans, 1944. Newlywed Meggie Richelieu, on the evening of her grand wedding escapes the festivities of the wedding reception to go to the one place on earth she cannot resist where the ghost of her beloved brother Yves draws her. Gatekeepers Cottage is an alluring story of forbidden love, too passionate to ignore. Too dangerous to endure.

The Night Before Doomsday is the longest and most detailed in the collection tells the story of Azazel of the Grigori, one of the fallen angels. Banished to Earth he lives as he has always wanted--by his heart, by his will. A beautiful and tragic story of will over duty.

Out of 5 stars, this earns a 5

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Par for Cinderella by Petie McCarty

     Billionaire Aidan Cross longs to escape his life of celebrity and become a regular guy, if only for a brief time. His chance comes when his yacht breaks down near quaint Cypress Key, Florida--the site of his planned five-star golf resort. The golf resort no one in town wants.
     Casey Stuart has given up her dream of escaping to the big city. She refuses to desert her uncle, even when he hires the new stranger int own to replace her at their golf course. Casey vows to steer clear of the stranger called Aidan and the danger their inescapable chemistry provokes. Aidan's stay is temporary and falling for him promises only heartbreak.
     When Casey discovers Cypress Key's mayor is making underhanded business deals, she ends up on the wrong side of the powerful autocrat. Aidan steps in to rescue her, but secrets from his past threaten to bogey their new-found relationship.

     Set in Cypress Key in the remote and romantic Florida Keys, this is a modern day Cinderella story, played out by heroine Casey Stuart and Prince Charming in the guise of golf course designer and mega-rich Aidan Cross. Throw an evil step-mother and nasty step sister into the mix of eclectic locals and you've got one terrific read. Add a gnarly mayor/chief bad guy and his henchmen for a lesson in fulfilling goals and appreciating the other side of things. Do not miss this one. It's a beauty.

Out of 5 stars, this earns a 4

WW Review: Immortal Justice by Faith V Smith

Caution: Parts of this book may cause copious weeping; abrupt drops in blood oxygenation levels; and sudden outbursts of gut-busting laughter.

       Darach MacRath is what’s termed an Immortal, employed by Michael the Archangel as an emissary of justice to prevent crime and render justice to evil mortals and demons. Fearless and only slightly ruthless, he and Michael's crew of executioners have for the last couple thousand years 'smote' some very bad guys [and probably a few gals; this being an equal opportunity band of slayers]. The reasons behind Darach becoming an Immortal will lead to the aforementioned weeping so we won’t give away the deets. For the last ten years, give or take, Darach has lived and worked in New Orleans, doing his job for old Michael who sits up there, calling the shots—or so he thinks.
         Enter Abigail, Abby, Dupree, administrative assistant by day, dinner club singer by night, and one of those special people who is afflicted with visions of crime scenes, seen in such vivid detail she can now spot a demon by the look in their eye. When Michael steps in and assigns Darach to protect Abby from Angus, the same demon who murdered Darach's wife and small son centuries past, sparks fly--for more reasons than the usual.
          Set in the French Quarter of New Orleans, the Big Easy becomes a secondary character of its own under the skilled hand of Ms. Smith. She does not disappointed in providing more 'human' characters for this delightful story. Two of whom, half-mortal/half-demon Sean Black and Arianna, another member of Michael's crew of Immortals. These two light up the pages when they're together so stay tuned for their story which we have on good authority is in the works.
          Immortal Justice is packed with non-stop action and romance with more than a bit of dry humor tossed in for flavoring. We can't wait for the next in Faith V. Smith's Immortal stories.

Pick this one up--you won't be sorry. We weren't.

Out of 5 stars, this earns a 6+