Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Love Proof by Luanna Stewart

Love Proof, a contemporary romance, by Luanna Stewart, part of the Deerbourne Inn series out of The Wild Rose Press

          Unemployed photojournalist Raynor Elliot stops at a bakery near the famous Deerbourne Inn. Not only does he get a lead on a job but the bakery’s owner is that awkward kid he knew in high school, only now she has fabulous curves and an irreverent sense of humor. The cozy bakery, with its aroma of sugar, vanilla and spice, has more to offer than tasty cookies.
          Fiona MacLeod has been plagued for years by the need to make amends for telling The Big Lie. When the lie’s victim strolls into her bakery with his icy blue stare and killer charm, she feels like she’s standing too close to a hot oven.
          Between running her bakery and frosting cupcakes for the Mad River Garden Party, she's pretty sure she's falling in love with this infuriating, sexy man. Can Fiona dredge up the courage to confess, face the consequences, and hope for forgiveness?

Our review: The person who never made The Mistake of the Century at age 17 should not read farther. We all did it; made a colossal goof, that is. We all know how poor choices have a nasty habit of haunting us into our adult years until . . . the day came when we had to make amends or suffer for the rest of eternity.
          Luanna Stewart leads us through the vagaries of re-found friendship, then love, between two most deserving people, Fiona and Ray. With the back drop of the charming Deerbourne Inn and the enchanting town of Willow Springs, we have a special, modern day love story. And this one is a beauty.

          On a scale of 1—5, Love Proof earns a 5+