Monday, June 22, 2020

Love's New Beginnings

     Her grandfather's will has forced Charlene into a life she doesn't want and a partner she doesn't trust.
     The last thing Logan wants is a woman in is life even as a business partner.
     Can either obtain their original goals?

     Fresh off her first world tour, concert pianist Charlene Walker is seriously injured as a result of a mugging. While recovering from a seriously fractured arm and a head injury, she travels to Michigan after learning of the death of her beloved grandfather. Once there, she is stunned to discover “Gramps” has left her one-half interest in his apple orchard and his home.
     The kicker: she must live in the house for the next six months—or she loses everything.
     A bigger kicker: the second heir, one Logan Taylor, is all business and as hunky as he is serious about the business of making the orchard a success. Sparks fly hot and heavy as both recognize an immediate attraction along with a major distaste for the idea of any kind of relationship.  
     And so the fun begins.

There are many lessons learned with Love's New Beginnings. In addition to the intricacies of running a major fruit growing operation, there is the delicacy needed for restoring antique furniture restoration and the value placed on hand-made crafts. Add the rich and colorful setting of rural Michigan, a multitude of secondary characters including two smart-mouthed birds and an inquisitive five year-old boy—and readers have a winner in this sweet romance between two needy people. Do not miss this one. It's a wonder.

On a scale of 1—5, Love's New Beginnings deserves a 5.

Kat Henry Doran, Wild Women Reviews

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